PowerPoint 2010 - Course List

  • Comprehensive introduction to PowerPoint. Suitable for users with little or no experience of a presentation graphics product. Course topics include: bulleted lists, charts, graphics, colour schemes, printing and projecting the presentation.

    Half day


  • Understand the tools used to edit a presentation. Topics covered include: copy slides between presentations, slide colour scheme, printing notes and handouts. Incorporates aspects of modules: PPT-10-01 PowerPoint 2010 Introduction. PPT-10-06 PowerPoint 2010 Slide Show Tools.

    Half day


  • Use charts and drawings to enhance a presentation. Create diagrams. Incorporates aspects of modules: PPT-10-01 PowerPoint 2010 Introduction. PPT-10-02 PowerPoint 2010 Manipulating Existing Presentations.

    2 hours


  • Create on-brand presentations using the Rio Tinto corporate PowerPoint templates and the Rio Tinto library file. Download images from the Rio Tinto Brand Bank for use on cover slides or within the presentation.

    2.5 hours


  • Create PowerPoint charts based on Excel data. Link the chart to the source data. Insert and position a chart in a Word document.

    2 hours


  • The session covers the slide show tools available for displaying (projecting) a PowerPoint Presentation. Understand slide transitions and custom animations.

    1 hour


  • A session to cover any aspects of PowerPoint.

    1 hour - 1 day