Outlook 2010 - Course List

  • Comprehensive introduction to Outlook covering the calendar, contacts and task features, but focusing on email capabilities. Incorporates modules: OUT-10-02 Outlook 2010 For Managers. OUT-10-03 Outlook 2010 Refresher. OUT-10-07 Outlook 2010 Managing Contact Information.

    Half day


  • Introduction to the essential email, contact and calendar features of Outlook.

    2 hours


  • This module is suitable for users who have been working with Outlook and wish to enhance their knowledge and use of the product. Incorporates modules: OUT-10-02 Outlook 2010 For Managers.

    2 hours


  • Use Outlook to share information (documents, email, contacts, calendar information) between colleagues. The course is designed to provide ideas for ways of working with and managing these shared folders.

    2 hours


  • Intensive look at customising Outlook forms (email, post and contact) and then publishing the form in order to enhance/share the functionality with colleagues.

    1 day


  • The course demonstrates the correct process for sending / receiving email messages remotely and for working with network documents offline. Hints are provided for filtering mail and for managing your mailbox.

    1 hour


  • Comprehensive look at storing contacts in Outlook and the integration between contacts, email, other Office applications and the corporate templates. Emphasis is placed on exporting the information for mail merging in Word.

    2 hours


  • Any of Outlook's many features can be covered on the workshop session to meet the requirements of the individual. The duration of the course will vary according to content.

    1 hour - 1 day